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  • Entropy 3D Pong  v.1.0Entropy 3D Pong is an interesting action game for free.
  • 3D Pong CurveBall  v.1.0A set of modernized 3D pong style games combining the best features of squash and tennis. The game space is a cubic room. You defend your side of the cube and the computer defends the opposite side. The racket lets you skew and curve your shots.
  • 3D Pong  v.1.03D Pong - a fast, fun and modern version of everybodies favorite 2D game -- in 3D! Play with your friends over the internet on the other side of the world!
  • Echo 3D RPG Game Engine / Suite  v.1A 3D RPG game engine written in C# using Managed DirectX 9. Will incorporate a ruby/java scripting engine, game development tools, and compressed game-data format.
  • Theme Park Builder 3D The Game  v.1.0Theme Pare Builder 3D, The Game version. As a cooperative effort we are building a gaming version for the theme park enthusiast that wants to build parks and run them. The original source will focus on a more serious tone as a CAD system.
  • Simple 3D Classes  v.1.0A simple 3D framework in C++ that supports OpenGL, OpenAL and GLUT.
  • 3D Asteroids Game  v.1.0Hyper Asteroids is a 3D arcade style space shooter game you can play on the PC. Use your mouse to guide your space ship and shoot to destroy asteroids and enemy space ships. Hyper Asteroids has a large game play area with a mini map.
  • Dragon Blaze - 3D OpenGL Game Engine  v.1.0A basic OpenGL 3D game engine built from the ground up to support multi-texturing, mip-mapping, face culling and more. Its simplicity is its virtue to aid in learning and to ease expansion. Currently, it runs on Windows using MFC, Linux support is ...
  • Greenman simple kids platform game  v.1.0A simple freedos kids platform game for use as a menu system or adaptation to a full game. The intention of the sourceforge project is to enhance it and port it to SVGALIB, X11 and ...
  • RuBox - A 3D cube game  v.1.0A game based on a 3D cube, designed to be both addictive and extensible. This is part of a university group project, and therefore feedback is greatly ...
  • Virtual Foosball - Real 3D Foosball Game  v.1.0Virtual Foosball is a 3D game simulating the real foosball game. Developed on Microsoft C# Express 2005 and the Microsoft XNA Games Development Framework 1.0 Refresh release.
  • Simple Java Platform Game  v.1.0An attempt to create a simple platform game within 3 months, using Java.
  • Gems 3D Puzzle Game  v.3.00Ein Spiel von Logik und von Organisation. Mit jeder Runde; fallen drei neue Edelsteine auf das Spielbrett, und der Spieler erh?lt eine neue M?glichkeit, einen Edelstein zu verschieben, um eine Reihe von 5 oder mehr Edelsteinen zu bilden.
  • BZFlag - Multiplayer 3D Tank Game  v.2.4.0OpenSource OpenGL Multiplayer Multiplatform Battle Zone capture the Flag. 3D first person tank ...
  • Ninety Nine Nights 3D MMO Game Engine  v.1.0This project use OGRE3D graphic module, Havok Physics, RakNet and OpenAL. Make a MMO game framework.
  • Simple 3D Modeling  v.1.0A tool used to aid in the creation of simple, exact 3-dimensional objects using a terminal-based interface. A simple text file format is used making it easy to export models to one's own programs.
  • Pongmania" class="desclink">Simple 3D pong game. Play against computer in this classic pong style game.
  • Bloop  v.1.0Bloop is a simple but fun 3D pong game written with python-ogre. Rather than just a simple game implementation the project will be a kind of ongoing tutorial where people can learn about the development process of using python-ogre to make games.
  • Body PingPong  v.0.1A simple computer pong game that is controlled by body movements. Children are introduced to the concept of vector algebra without realising it. Future versions will require body movements while playing the ...
  • HassePONG  v.1.0Another 3D pong game for linux. It uses glut, SDL and SDL_mixer. Basically it is/was a test. It tested how many downloads a completely useless program can ...
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